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San Francisco Bay Area based LiveLeaf is pioneering health solutions that harness the biochemical foundations of plant immunity to balance microbiome interactions with our immune systems the way nature intended. Our patented technology transforms abundant polyphenols found in many sustainably-cultivated food plants into ingredients with unprecedented immunologic potency. Our lead LiveXtract® has been safety-proven and performance-validated in commercial human and animal supplement products. It is now being developed into novel anti-infective drugs free of side effects and bacterial resistance concerns that limit the future of today’s antibiotics.


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Healthy Livestock Without Antibiotics

Grazix products can help take the antibiotics out of food production, eliminating a major promoter of drug-resistant bacteria.

Natural Digestive Health for Families

LiveLeaf supplement products are available on a limited basis to consumers, physicians and humanitarian organizations.

Drugs to Defeat Antibiotic Resistance

Quellthera is advancing LiveXtract technology into breakthrough therapies for life-threatening infections and other global health priorities.

A few things we’re great at

A key controlling factor in the synergy between plants and bacteria is a reaction between stored polyphenols, oxygen compounds and enzymes triggered by physical damage to living plant cells. This generates natural phenone molecules that seal the injury and pacify pathogens without harming beneficial microbial populations. Humans have also evolved on a diet that releases these short-lived plant molecules to maintain a healthy synergy between our microbiomes and gut immune functions.

Our patented LiveXtract® process harnesses this plant immunity with phenone precursors intended for targeted activation by enzymes of potentially harmful bacteria and compromised epithelial linings of the skin and gut. In contrast to antibiotic activity, LiveXtract suppresses communication that enable pathogenic behavior, binds proteins involved in gut barrier integrity, restores normal immune activity to halt symptoms and inflammation.

LiveXtract overcomes a fundamental limitation that has kept many traditional medicines from refinement into modern pharmaceuticals. Protected by an extensive patent portfolio and supported with a substantial body of laboratory, animal and human studies, LiveXtract unlocks the full potential of plant immunity. LiveXtract delivers powerful immune modulation at a scale needed to meet global health challenges.

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