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Unlocking the True Health Potential of Botanical Immunity

Within each plant cell is a self-contained injury response system that can also have a powerful natural effect on the human immune system and microbiomes.

LiveLeaf's GUT RESCUE Natural Digestive Care Products

Breakthrough natural dietary supplements for daily digestive care and fast acting relief from occasional diarrhea, bloating, nausea and cramping.


Looking Deeper into Our Synergies with Plants

Phytobiologics are the essential chemistries of living plant immunity. LiveLeaf is pioneering its use in optimizing gut barrier function and fostering a diverse healthy microbiome.

Quelling Pathogens Without Resistance

Quellthera is taking phytobiologics to a new level developing novel non-antibiotic drugs addressing serious infectious diseases without promoting bacterial resistance.

Next Generation Solutions for a Post-Antibiotic World

LiveLeaf is the first to harness the underlying biochemistry of plant injury response in a commercially viable platform to address some of the world's most urgent health challenges.

LiveLeaf Bioscience

Learn about the new world of LiveLeaf phytobiologics.

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