It quickly takes care of cramps, diarrhea, gurgling stomach noises but doesn’t leave me constipated like Imodium can. It’s pretty amazing.

I noticed relief from IBS within 2 days of starting Natriquell. I feel more confident when I travel and eat out knowing I have Natriquell with me in those easy to use packets.

Finally! A neosporin for my digestive system! When used every morning before I start my day, NatriQuell saved my life!

I love that a natural extract is more potent and effective than prescription medicine

small packets are great for travel. Seems to help with Colitis.

My husband gets food poisoning a couple of times a year- NatriQuell has “fixed” him in hours. Amazing product! I have also used it for lactose intolerance issues. It worked great- not sure why I stopped using it on a daily basis! Will have to start again!

My son has had digestive issues for some time. Natriquell was recommended by his nutrtionist. This has made a world of difference for him. Anytime he feels nauseous or queazy, he takes one of these in a small glass of water, and is fine afterwards. This stuff is amazing!!

WE LOVE IT! I always keep it in my purse and we both always have it on us when we travel. It is my travel insurance policy, I won’t leave home without it!

I love this stuff! I am very gluten intolerant (medically not by choice) and use this when I get in trouble. I use it on a daily basis but can tell you the reason for 5 stars is when I need it the most. Had dinner out with the family and was told ‘yes gluten free’ only to be sick all night. Took 2 pouches of the stuff and it relieved my pain and made me more comfortable. It might have taken all of my discomfort away but I was saving pouches for a trip. I don’t leave home with out it now. Experiencing is believing!

Really works as an anti-nauseant.