Competitive Advantages

Competitive Advantages

Key competitive advantages of botanical drug development.

 Safety. No adverse effects or toxicity observed in human adults or children at multiple doses and regimens. All components in our product platform are innocuous and present in consumable plants and our own tissues.

 Therapeutic efficacy. Rapid and profound effects on a variety of health problems linked to epithelial barrier disruption and infection such as traveler’s diarrhea and IBS. Curative effects on patients with antibiotic-resistant C. Difficile infections, including children.

 Market. The botanical drug market is estimated to grow by at least 10% in the following years (from $31B in 2020 to $41B by 2027). IBS affects 10-20% of the population and most drugs do not provide safe, prolonged relief. This $2B market is expected to grow 10% growth in the next 7 years.

 Business model. We first develop powerful, cheap to manufacture and stable dietary supplements to fast-track human usage and obtain sufficient clinical data to initiate prescription botanical drug development (Ph2). This process is cheaper and faster cutting down about 1/3 of time and expenses compared to synthetic drug development. 

 Patent state. Well protected inventions (30+ patents) provide an excellent value.

 Sustainability. All ingredients are renewable, and the process is zero waste. We believe in the future all drug manufacturing will have to use low impact processes


Irritable bowel syndrome is a complex disease

LiveLeaf products address multiple symptoms and disease drivers in IBS