About Us


LiveLeaf is a San Francisco based biotechnology company Harnessing medicinal plant properties to create incomparably safe and superior dietary supplements and botanical drugs. Current primary product is a dietary supplement efficacious in animals and humans for the treatment of infectious diarrhea. Used in over 800K animals and 3K humans with no adverse effects Including children. Human use include acute and chronic diarrhea, reflux, oral and esophageal ulcers, respiratory infections, skin wounds, chronic GI inflammation (IBD and IBS), and GI infections.

Late-stage asset. A preIND meeting evaluating a proposal for a Ph2 clinical trial (C. difficile) received positive feedback from the FDA.

Proprietary technology protected by a robust patent state of 30+ US patents with filings in over 36 countries.

Sustainability. Our raw materials are plant extracts, and the manufacturing process doesn’t produce toxic waste.


Rob A. Maldonado CEO. Scientist and entrepreneur experienced in discovery, research and development of new medicines and drug delivery systems. Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard Medical School, Selecta Biosciences, Spotlight Therapeutics, Gilead Sciences, Adaptive Biosciences. PhD and BS, Université Libre de Bruxelles.

Alexander L. Huang  – Cofounder and Chairman of the Board. 40 years of startups & innovation in biotech, medical device, computer and analytical instrument industries. PacifiX, Percsys, Radiotherapeutics, NeXt, Hewlett Packard, Becton Dickinson FACS. , BSME, BSEE & MSE Stanford University.

Michael K. UllmanDirector. Board of directors. Extensive operations, and executive experience with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.   Managing Director at Burrill & Company, CEO of Biovector Therapeutics, COO of Liposome Technology Inc., MBA, University of Illinois, BS Pharmaceutical Sciences, Drake University.

Jennifer Aichele – CFO. 20 years of Finance and Accounting experience. consulting to early and mid-stage venture backed start-ups including: Lyft, Allocade, ORIC Pharmaceuticals, Tagged, Boon + Gable, Project Frog, Advanced Energy Economy, and Next Generation.