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Our Phytobiologic Platform

liveleaf technologyPlants have a simple but effective biochemical system encapsulated in each of its cells to cope with microbial attack and physical injury. Plant scientists have known for decades that this was based on enzymatic oxidation of phenols. However, once extracted from the plant, phenols have failed to deliver the potent immunologic benefits seen in many traditional medicines using fresh plant ingredients.  This is because industrial methods used to extract or process botanicals trigger and exhaust the plant’s injury response destroying any medicinal benefit before it could be bottled.

The key beneficial chemistry is polyphenones, a class of oxidized phenols produced by the injured plant cells. Polyhenones aggressively bind to proteins, peptides and receptors at the surface of our body’s immune interfaces exerting immediate and potent control on host-pathogen interactions.  

Prophenone TechnologyLiveLeaf created “prophenones”, patented stable complexes that reproduce the plant injury reaction whenever they come in contact with damaged tissue in the human body.

Prophenones have years of shelf stability, with a tiny amount delivering two immediate benefits: 1) blinding pathogenic bacteria to their environment making them passive without generating drug resistance,  2) helping to restore gut barrier integrity reducing inflammation.

Working with top scientists around the world, LiveLeaf’s breakthrough phytobiologic technology is protected by 32 issued U.S. patents (also filed in 40 other countries) covering its unique biochemistry, manufacturing processes, and wide range of health applications.


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