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Gut Rescue relieves digestive distress when it occurs. So live your adventure—eat or drink whatever you like, and if you start to feel the warning gurgling of digestive distress, or the full-blow explosion of occasional diarrhea, take one packet of LiveLeaf Rescue and get relief in two hours or less. LiveLeaf Gut-Rescue formula delivers fast, natural relief from cramps nausea, bloating and occasional diarrhea.*

Gut Rescue NowGut Rescue Now

What makes LiveLeaf Gut Rescue work?

Over the eons, our diets have been rich in sources of fresh vegetation which contain certain compounds that help strengthen our digestive system. In the past 100 years, as our food has become highly processed and loaded with additives, the benefits provided by the compounds in the fresh plants has declined substantially leaving our systems weakened and susceptible to irritation at the slightest provocation. LiveLeaf has found a way to harness and concentrate the elements in the plants that provide this digestive benefit.

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Other ingredients: Purified water, peppermint oil (flavoring).

14ml packets – Available in 2 and 6 count boxes


  • For digestive distress, add one packet to 2 to 6 oz of water.
  • Repeat after 2 hours if needed. Kids version available.

LiveLeaf natural products are available from:  
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