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Bring Back the Smile

Your child is hurting from an upset stomach, diarrhea, bloating, or nausea. LiveLeaf Gut Rescue for Kids offers fast, effective relief from occasional digestive distress. Specifically designed for children ages 1 – 12, LiveLeaf Gut Rescue for Kids is clinically tested and safe, featuring natural ingredients.

Gut Rescue for KidsGut Rescue for Kids box
What makes LiveLeaf products work?

Over the eons, the human diet has been rich in fresh vegetation containing compounds that help strengthen our digestive system. In the past 100 years, as our food has become highly processed and loaded with additives, the benefits provided by the compounds in fresh plants have declined substantially, leaving our systems weakened and susceptible to irritation at the slightest provocation. LiveLeaf has found a way to harness and concentrate the elements in plants that provide this digestive benefit.

LiveLeaf products reintroduce these vital elements into your child’s diet to help maintain a healthy digestive system.

LiveLeaf products are:

• Safe—the active materials are natural plant components

• Effective—based on live plant response

• Unique—nature’s own process keeps the mechanism from activating unless needed

Products You Can Trust

Thousands of people have experienced relief from occasional digestive distress in just minutes with our products. LiveLeaf Gut Rescue for Kids can help your child get relief as well. Learn more. And bring back the smile.

Gut Rescue for Kids Supplement

Other ingredients: Purified water, peppermint oil (flavoring).

Each box contains 6 10 ml packets

Recommended Use:

•  Add entire contents to 2 to 6 oz of water.

•  Single serving size is for children. Adults

   use two packets.

•  Repeat after 2 hours if needed.

LiveLeaf natural products are available from:  
Whole Foods   Amazon
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