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Gut Barrier Function

Now there is a real alternative in helping immunity.

LiveXtract® technology is the heart of our consumber and animal supplements. Activated LiveXtract acts as a strong cross-linker of proteins and other biomolecules released in damaged or necrotic tissue. This seals injured areas as well as tightens the intercellular junctions of the skin and intestinal epithelium to restore essential barrier function against protein and toxin intrusion.

The human gut makes up over 70% of the human immune system. It consists of many complex interconnected systems that balance bacterial habitat, nutrient processing, toxin sensing and immunity. Most medical interventions attempt to affect a particular pathway or mechanism but can excessively perturbing other functions…causing negative side effects.

The cells, receptors and signals of the body’s mucosal linings impact nearly every aspect of health. They are the result of eons of co-evolution with bacteria and a diet of living plants. Bacteria are only recently being fully recognized as essential to health in the explosion of probiotic research. For decades, the focus of researchers on pharmacologic effects in extracted and isolated botanical compounds caused the native biologic function of common polyphenol molecules to be ignored. Dietary polyphenols were attributed with little health value other than as antioxidants.

LiveLeaf’s founders studied the immunologic function of polyphenols in living plants from the perspective of their role in controlling the synergy between microbiomes and animal immune systems. Damage to the plant cells releases enzymes that catalyze a reaction between stored phenolic and oxidative molecules. The resulting molecules are aggressive cross linkers that bind bacterial toxins, inhibit microbial multiplication and seal damaged plant tissues.

When eating fresh fruits and vegetables, most of this short lived activity is exhausted on the damaged plant tissues, but residual amounts of this plant chemistry are enough to act in our digestive tract, protecting compromised mucosal tissue and the gut barrier function, affecting microbiome behavior and resetting immune activity. The multiple components essential to this reaction are manufactured in the cells of leaves, bark, skins…the oft discarded or cooked portion of plants. Industrial food processing and cooking triggers cell damage that destroys any biological potential and it cannot be directly extracted in a stable form practical for large scale commercial or medical use. The loss of biologic plant immunity from modern diets may be an unrecognized dietary deficiency that likely contributes to the epidemic of gastrointestinal and auto immune disorders in industrialized nations.



7O% of the world’s antibiotics are fed to animals, mainly to increase growth and weight gain, while bacteria that make humans ill are becoming increasingly resistant to these critically important drugs due to their expanded use to increase production. The European Union has banned the use of in-feed antibiotics merely to increase growth, but this use continues in the USA and parts of the rest of the world because there simply have not been any cost effective alternatives.

Our animal products have been evaluated by some of the world’s most respected veterinarians and have been proven more effective than standard antibiotics in maintaining healthly digestive function, resulting in reduced mortalities as well as incidence and duration of digestive distress, in young animals in their critical development phases.

LiveLeaf Bioscience products are now in regular use by some of the largest swine producers in the US and Netherlands.


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