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Animal Health

Now there is a real alternative in helping immunity.

LiveXtract® technology is the heart of our animal and consumer supplements. Activated LiveXtract acts as a strong cross-linker of proteins and other biomolecules released in damaged or necrotic tissue. This seals injured areas as well as tightens the intercellular junctions of the skin and intestinal epithelium to restore essential barrier function against protein and toxin intrusion.

7O% of the world’s antibiotics are fed to animals, mainly to increase growth and weight gain, while bacteria that make humans ill are becoming increasingly resistant to these critically important drugs due to their expanded use to increase production. The European Union has banned the use of in-feed antibiotics merely to increase growth, but this use continues in the USA and parts of the rest of the world because there simply have not been any cost effective alternatives.

Our animal products have been evaluated by some of the world’s most respected veterinarians and have been proven more effective than standard antibiotics in maintaining healthly digestive function, resulting in reduced mortalities as well as incidence and duration of digestive distress, in young animals in their critical development phases.

LiveLeaf Bioscience products are now in regular use by some of the largest swine producers in the US and Netherlands.


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