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About LiveLeaf

LiveLeaf, Inc. is a Silicon Valley company pioneering the development of phytobiologics, a novel medicinal paradigm harnessing a fundamental biochemistry of living plant immunity. This technology platform has tremendous potential in animal and human health as functional nutrition and therapeutics. The company’s work today has translated this science into a rich pipeline of breakthrough immunologically-active products answering major unmet and underserved global needs.  LiveXtract®, the company’s first phytobiologic platform, is not a traditional herbal extraction or a drug, but a patented stable oxidant/phenol complex (prophenone) that delivers the full natural effects of plant injury response on our immune interfaces and microbiomes. It is target activated when it encounters damaged human tissue and infecting bacteria, forming molecules with a high affinity to proteins, peptides and toxins that modulate host-pathogen interactions. LiveLeaf phytobiologics are capable of delivering a synergy of physiologic benefits with immediacy and intrinsic safety not possible with conventional botanical extracts.  LiveLeaf is now expanding its platform into the development of FDA approved drugs.


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Our Mission

LiveLeaf is committed to using plant biology in new ways to improve immunity and protection from the threat of antibiotic resistant supergerms..



Throughout history, indigenous peoples have employed plants to provide healing. While most of today’s pharmaceutical development focuses on single molecules, botanical therapeutics incorporate a broad spectrum of chemical compounds that cannot always be isolated and still function properly.

In 2006 Alex Huang and Gin Wu set out to try and find a natural mechanism to deliver clean water to developing countries. As with many great discoveries, their path soon took them in another direction. Dissatisfied with the instability of traditional medicines,

Further exploration led them to question why fresh botanical medicines have never been effectively translated into commercial products. They discovered that commonly used nutraceutical extraction methods destroyed the living chemistry of plants, and very limited research had been done on the biological defenses within their cells and the reactive chemistry found in the tissue of living plants.

That is where LiveLeaf began to focus its energy and applied modern analytical techniques to capture the underlying biochemistry of living plants immune systems. They also discovered that not only do the living plant immune compounds help the plants, but there are amazing digestive benefits to humans and animals that consume these nutrients and cannot be reproduced by conventional extracts. 

In 2008 Alex and Gin filed their first patents on ways to harness the underlying reactions responsible for healing the plant when it became damaged. They began to test these compounds on commercial farms in different parts of the world and discovered that it had amazing effects on the animals’ digestive health. In 2009, Manuel Serrano joined the team as a formulator bringing deeper knowledge of central American traditional medicines. By 2011 the LiveLeaf team had developed practical processes that enabled commercialization of LiveLeaf products.







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